SARR Presents: Mazda MX5 Cup 2018

SA Real Racing is a South African Xbox One racing community. These guys live, eat and breathe simulated racing games like Forza Motorsport, Project Cars and F1. We joked around how it’s possible to live your dreams via your console. In this example, being the absolute best driver/racer out there.

SARR values their open to public cups and have no requirement of players being part of an elite team to participate. If you reside in South Africa, have an Xbox, active internet connection and a copy of Forza Motorsport 7 you are good to go.

There are no prizes other than bragging rights after each cup hosted. However, SARR hosts a “prize giving” ceremony at the end of each year where they review the cups hosted and hand prizes (like games, Xbox live codes and game vouchers) to the best of the best out there. Compete for number 1 spot in categories like; driver of the year, team of the year, rookie driver of the year and many more!

More importantly, how hungry are you to prove your skill? Are you the best on the track in South Africa? Are you willing to enter to find out? Are you ready to meet like-minded guys with a shared passion for racing?

These are the FM7 championships they plan on running for 2018:


Mazda MX5 Cup
Acura NSX Cup
Historic Touring Cars


Continental Supercars
UTE Masters
Ferrari Challenge

Their official Mazda MX5 cup kicks off the 25th of January and here is what you need to know…


Registration is now open to public and you can register by selecting the Going option on the below event.

Be sure to drop your GT in the comments and message the page for detail on which race numbers are available for use.

Vehicle Spec:

Mazda MX5
Required tune to be downloaded and installed. You can download from SARR Jersey
Tunes: VT and VT Penalty

Race Spec:

Standing start
Qualifying grid order
30-minute race
Simulated damage

Race regulations:

Round 1 will start with all racers on the VT tune. Thereafter, from round 2 the Top 3 podium finishers will be using the VT penalty.

Once the round in which drivers with the VT penalty have competed in is complete, they go back to the normal VT tune again.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Standard SARR rules of racing apply
  • No late starts
  • No offensive designs
  • Clean racing at all times
  • Re-join track only when it’s clear/safe to proceed
  • All SARR Club members required to run the SARR and affiliated logos (SARR, Adfunda, SN Photolab)
  • Penalties will apply and all incidents will be investigated


Please refer to below links for more information about SARR. You can also reach them via these channels and they will be happy to assist with any questions/concerns.

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