FACEIT and Znipe.TV Partner to Provide Fans the Ultimate Esports Viewing Experience

FACEIT, the leading competitive gaming platform for online multiplayer games, and Znipe.TV, a leading streaming platform for tournaments within esports, today announced a partnership to bring Znipe.TV’s multiperspective streaming feature to the FACEIT Pro League (FPL). FACEIT’s FPL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boasts more than 150 pro-level esports players, with up to 20 matches a day. The Znipe.TV platform gives fans an all-new way to watch their favorite pros go head-to-head each day with the multiperspective feature, which enables fans to simultaneously view multiple players’ in-game feeds.

Like in traditional sports, the possibility of watching a pro game live is highly sought after by fans and provides an engaging social experience for those who gather to watch the event together. Znipe.TV’s platform is built around that fan feeling, and seeks to provide a superior viewing experience to all spectators. The FACEIT and Znipe.TV partnership opens up new opportunities for top players competing in FPL, including those who don’t regularly stream, to show off their skills to fans in a high bitrate 60fps live video without the effort of self-streaming their matches.

With more than 150 pro players involved in the renowned FACEIT Pro League, viewers can now follow their favorite pros as they compete in daily matches, directly within the FACEIT platform. Every player’s unique in-game point-of-view will now be streamed and can be found on the player’s profile page on faceit.com and the official FPL homepage.

“The FACEIT Pro League is where the top players within the CSGO scene looking to test their skills against top-tier competition play on a daily basis,” said Niccolo Maisto, CEO of FACEIT. “The integration of Znipe.TV’s streaming technology gives the community an all-new way to enjoy watching tier-1  players compete against each other by seeing the action directly from multiple  in-game perspectives and provides them the possibility to learn and improve.”

This partnership presents a new opportunity to further expand the Znipe.TV footprint in the esports industry by offering its advanced streaming technology on the FACEIT platform on a regular basis, allowing more and more fans to experience its unique services. With partnerships between esports content providers and broadcasters becoming more prevalent with the growing esports broadcasting landscape, the FACEIT partnership will open the door to new opportunities for Znipe.TV to showcase its product while offering FACEIT players another way to engage with the top talent of the FPL.

“We are thrilled to able to announce the partnership with FACEIT, we share the ambition to tighten the connection between players and the community,” said Erik Åkerfeldt, CTO Znipe.TV. “We’re excited to provide FACEIT the technology to effortlessly stream matches and look forward to expanding the coverage to more games and competitions.”

With the rise of esport viewership, audiences are demanding more tournament providers to serve top quality live streaming of all their games and matches. This partnership enables automated streaming capability of competitions and is the first step towards an automated broadcast of all popular tournaments and games across the esports industry.

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